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A web agency with both feet on the ground, which creates websites and webshops at a reasonable rate.

Hi, and welcome to Brandweb.

Brandweb is a small and effective web agency, that helps businesses becoming more visible online.

Brandweb is an agency with both feet on the ground, which helps clients of all sizes. We are mostly working with Danish clients as well as a few Estonian clients.

Most often we build and later maintains a website for our clients. For others we help them get more orders using online marketing, such as SEO and Google Ads.

Alexander Juul Jakobsen
WordPress specialist & CEO

Alexander started Brandweb in the spring of 2014 during an internshop with Celcius360 Advertising Agency in Nykøbing Falster. Since then he’s been designing and developing websites and webshops for more than 70 companies, mainly originating from Lolland, Falster and the Southern Zealand area of Denmark.

The primary focus has always been on WordPress with everything that includes. Since 2017 Alexander has also been helping various clients becoming more visible online through SEO and Google Ads.

Languages.: Danish 🇩🇰 English 🇬🇧
Phone.: (+45) 25 54 46 31
Email.: alexander @

Alexander Juul Jakobsen, CEO of Brandweb OÜ

Since 2014

Today Brandweb is a one-man team consisting of Alexander. Since 2014 Brandweb has built and serviced more than 70 companies across 6 European countries, with the majority being Danish.

In 2017 Brandweb moved permanently to Tallinn, Estonia.

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