Webshop i WooCommerce

We build you a user-friendly webshop based on your needs.

Are you on the lookout for your first webshop? Brandweb has more than 6 years of experience building webshops for companies in Denmark. We’ve helped more than 70 companies with their online identity.

A flexible platform

We build all of our webshops in WooCommerce, which is the most flexible eCommerce platform on the market. It makes it easy for your to grow your business.

28% of all webshop online is built in WooCOmmerce, with over 44 million downloads. That means support from most developers and service providers, which makes it easy for you to connect it with your shipping company, accounting software etc.

You own the webshop

Way to often, we hear companies being strung up with long subscriptions, that demands you to pay for it for more than 24 months. Often 36 og 72 months, followed up by another subscription period. Unfortunately, they make it sound like this is the new normal.

Our webshops only requires you to pay once, which is for the work we’ve done. 

Webshop price

A website from Brandweb costs from 1 595 € without VAT. Price varies depending on the size of the project. We calculate an estimate before every project, and give you a precise price offer.