Website in WordPress

Brandweb design and code a unique WordPress website based on your requirements.

As an agency, we put a lot of effort in to creative beautiful websites, that are easy to maintain without a lot of technical knowledge. We build all our websites in a system called WordPress. WordPress makes it easy for you to change text, pictures and other types of content. WordPress is scalable, so you can add more functionality later on.

Unique website design

A tailored website design helps you communicate and sell your products (or services).

Since you are in possession of a tool, that works for you 24/7 (a website), it’s also important to keep the attention of your clients.

Mobile-friendly design

We always deliver a mobile-friendly design. Responsive websites are an absolute minimum when it comes to websites today. If you are using your website every day, so are your clients.

Up to 60% of all internet traffic is happening through a phone or tablet. So if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will miss out on new clients.

No hidden fees

Our websites only require you to pay once, which is for the amount of work done by our employees. Once the website is launched and completed, you will gain 100% ownership over the website, and there will be no hidden fees later on.

You pay for the website, and should therefore also be yours.

What does a website cost?

A website from Brandweb costs from 795 € without VAT. Price varies depending on the size of the project. We calculate an estimate before every project, and give you a precise price offer.