Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that contain letters and numbers that are inserted into your computer or other device. Cookies will be entered when you visit a website that uses cookies and their purpose is to track for example what pages you have visited. Cookies will help you continue where you left off and they will remember your preferences (e.g., language settings). When we insert cookies, you will be informed about the use and purpose of cookies. Before the cookies are inserted on your device, we ask for your consent. However, the cookies required to ensure the functionality and settings can be used without your permission.

Cookies and their goals

We use the following cookie types:

  • Personalized cookies: Use information to sort the content in order to display relevant content for you.
  • We also use cookies from the following third parties who have access to personalized cookies:

Delete or disable cookies in your browser

By changing the browser settings, you can always delete or disable cookies on your computer. The location of your browser settings depends on which browser you are using. Remember, if you do so, there are many features and services on the Internet that you can no longer use.

All browsers allow you to delete your cookies together or separately. How to do this depends on which browser you are using. Do not forget that if you use more than one browser, delete the cookies from all of them.

Browser on the computer

How to delete cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer
How to delete cookies in Microsoft Edge
How to delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox
How to delete cookies in Google Chrome
How to delete cookies in Opera
How to delete cookies in Apple Safari (OS X)?

Browser on the mobile

How to delete cookies in Apple Safari (iOS)
How to delete cookies in Android phone
How to delete cookies in Windows Phone 7?

Strictly Necessary Cookies


We use Cloudflare to detect malicious visitors.

__cfduid30 daysTo collect and anonymize End User IP addresses using one-way hash of certail values so they cannot be personally identified.


We use WordFence for website security.

wfvt_*30 minutesProvide fraud prevention

Moove GDPR Cookie Compliance

We use Moove GDPR pop-up to collect cookie consent for the website.

moove_gdpr_popupTo store cookie consent preferences.

3rd Party Cookies

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for website statistics.

Statistics (anonymous)
_ga2 yearsStore a unique user ID
_gid1 dayCount and track pageviews
_gat1 minuteFilter requests from bots
_gat_gtag_UA_*1 minuteStore a unique user ID