Give a digital handshake with
a web design that speaks for you.

We, at Brandweb, are passionate about designing beautiful websites. We make your website work as a digital handshake, speaking on your behalf.

90 € /hour

Our rate is based on amount of pages that needs to be designed.

Starting on a
blank piece of paper

Our process does not actually include a real piece of paper, but we start on a blank sheet, nonetheless. Based on a productive conversation with you, we will start drawing up a wireframe.

A wireframe is commonly used to design a website on a structural level and gives a perfect overview of what goes where. Once the basic structure of the website is laid out, we continue to give the wireframe an identity and the result is a graphic prototype ready for review.

Based on your feedback, we make final implementations before handing it over to either your or our own development team.

Creating something that
is unique to your identity.

It is important to us, to always create something unique to your identity. Web design is very often defined by the quality of graphics, pictures and in the level of richness of the content.

By looking into the details of your logo, we can create graphic elements that gives your design a unique touch. Those unique elements we combine with good old fashioned design techniques, which will make your web design beautiful, user-friendly, and unique.